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Baptism is a sacrament of the Christian Church. While there are many meanings associated with it, it is primarily the way we are made members of the Christian Community. The Anglican Church practices both infant and adult baptism. Since it is initiation into the faith community, baptisms are usually celebrated within the context of the regular worship service. Baptism is only the beginning of the journey; baptized persons are encouraged to commit their lives to "The Way" of Christ.


The Anglican Communion is in the middle of an ongoing discussion about the place of Confirmation in the life of our church. Confirmation is no longer a prerequisite for an individual wishing to receive Holy Communion. It continues to be a sacrament of our church that invokes the Holy Spirit to strengthen and empower the recipient in their life in Christ. Confirmation is usually offered once a year in conjunction with the Bishop's annual visit. Those wishing to be confirmed must be at least twelve years of age, be baptized members of the congregation and have completed the Confirmation Preparation Program.


The celebration and blessing of a marriage is a sacrament of the church. If you are considering an Anglican wedding, please note that there are some requirements. For example, we need a minimum of sixty days notice and the couple is required to take a Marriage Preparation Course. There is an expectation that at least one of the couple is baptized and has a connection to the Anglican Church. The ceremony will normally be held in the church; however, with the consent of both the diocese and the priest, another appropriate location is possible. The service must conform to the liturgy as set out in one of our service books. We permit remarriage of divorced persons once the Church's requirements are met.


Anglican funerals allow for the expression of mourning within the context of the light and hope of the resurrection. An Anglican funeral is a celebration of the life and witness of the deceased and the goodness of God. It is also a time to pray for strength and comfort for the bereaved. It is always appropriate to hold a funeral service in a church. However, the service may be held in a Funeral Home. Liturgies for funerals can be found in our Service books. The service may be conducted with either a casket or urn. Either location can accommodate a catered reception. Please contact for details.

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