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"Glengarry is a vibrant, thriving parish working to fulfill the mission that God has given us."

Ministries of St. John the Evangelist

The mission of the congregation of St. John the Evangelist is to help people to come into a real relationship with the Creator, to do justice, to love kindness and to walk humbly with our God. We do this primarily through our weekly services and through the wide range of other activities within our congregation and without in the wider community. Below, is a description of some of these programs.


Adult Christian Education


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We recognize that simply attending and participating in weekly services is not enough to develop and maintain a healthy spiritual life. Similarly, exercising two or three times a week will not promote good health if one's diet and social life are not properly focused. We therefore offer several programs designed to awaken and develop a more wholly Christian life.

We offer a weekly Bible Study program on Thursday mornings following the 10:00am Eucharist. The text for these studies is the prescribed lectionary reading(s). The Bible Study is followed by a light lunch of soup. We are currently running two Education for Ministry (EfM) programs. EfM is a four year program, the purpose of which is to help participants become more effective in their personal ministries both within the Church and in the wider community. In the first year, participants complete an in depth study of the Old Testament, the Bible that Jesus knew. In the second year, the program focuses on the New Testament, the basis of our Christian belief. In year three we examine the history of the Christian Church from the earliest days to the 19th century. In the final year the focus is on the Church and ministry in the modern world. In each of the four years the program is augmented by personal reflections and study tools designed to bring more personal relevance to Christian ministries. We currently have one program of ten participants in year three and a second program of ten participants in year one.

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Additional Opportunities

Throughout the year we also conduct shorter, ten to twelve week programs that examine specific aspects of our Christian journey. And, finally, we conduct one day focused workshops on such subjects as "forgiveness", "labyrinth walking", "iconography", "Amnesty International", "CPR/AED", etc.

Alter GuildAlter guild

Realizing the privilege of serving as
“God’s housekeepers” each member dedicates herself and her work as an offering to God, to whom nothing but the best can be given.

This sacred work of perfect cleanliness and punctuality is absolutely essential in God’s House and are the external displays of the spirit of loyalty and devotion.

Children and Youth Christian Education

We conduct a regular Sunday School every Sunday morning coincident with the Sunday Service for children from three to teens. We have a youth program which runs on an ad hoc basis as needs and interests dictate.

Pastoral Care

We have a strong and active pastoral care team that provides both spiritual and physical care for the sick and elderly. The team members are retired nurses and other volunteers who have received appropriate training.

Madagascar School Project

Please see the Madagascar page for more details. St. John's actively supports that important Parish outreach ministry through fund raising activities.

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Prayer Shawl Ministry

This is a wonderful giving ministry. It ministers to the sick and those in peril, it ministers to those who knit and crocket the shawls, it ministers to the whole congregation when they are blessed and sent out, and it ministers to many people to whom the shawls are "given to" after the urgent need has past. Jean and Gail have dedicated themselves to keeping a photo and written record of the recipients, along with all the thank you cards we have recieved. People are welcome to support this ministry by placing a donation marked Prayer Shawl Ministry on the offering plate. If you would like more information you can contact Jean, or Gail, or the parish office.

Foster Children

We at St. John have had the pleasure of supporting quite a few different foster children over the years. Many of whom have become independent individuals in their communities. We are currently supporting three foster children. Siphiwe, Rekka and? Ishimwe. The support for this project comes from donations above and beyond our weekly offerings. Please keep them in your prayers.

Siphiwe Zondo?is a 12 year old girl from Zimbabwe in the Mswigana region.??We have been fostering her since 2009.? Our involvement in the community supports health care, mosquito nets, school meals, provision of play and arts materials and water management training.

Rekha Kher?is an 8 year old girl from India, from the Kotra community.? We have been sponsoring her since 2010.? Our sponsorship helps with training and livelihood activities for women, early childhood care services and pre-school centers and fostering an awareness of children's rights and needs.

J.M.V. Ishimwe is a new foster child from Rwanda.? He is an 11 year old boy and we have been fostering him since 2011.? We look forward to receiving more information about Ishimwe shortly.? He replaces Annusha from Sri Lanka. Foster Parents' Plan felt that the goals for the community in which she lived had been met and that community has successfully become independent.