"Glengarry is a vibrant, thriving parish working to fulfill the mission that God has given us."


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Growing in Faith Together

As 21st century Anglicans in the Diocese of Ottawa, we have one foot firmly planted in ancient tradition and the other stepping boldly into God's future.

In 2006, our Synod approved the following mission: to enable people to know Jesus Christ, to live and share the good news, to grow in faith, and to serve God's world. To bring reality to this mission, we must acknowledge the rapid changes in society and the impact on our many ministries. 

As parishes in the diocesan household, we embrace the challenge of turning our vision into practical reality - a call to expand our ministries in four key mission areas:

  • Strengthening Congregations

  • Focusing Ministry Outward

  • Educating Leaders

  • Connecting With the Wider Church

  • Confident that these resources will equip our Church to face the challenges ahead of us, let us take a progressive look towards the future with renewed commitment, generosity and responsibility to the ministry before us.


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